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This elective is for students interested in learning from and taking care of Geriatric patients.   Students will work directly with a Geriatrician, Dr. Lumie Kawaski, seeing Geriatric patients at the VA as well as through home visits.  Students will learn about subjects particular to Geriatric Patients, such as polypharmacy, aging physiology, coping with chronic disease, quality of life, dementia, and performance status.  Students should be prepared for an active hands-on experience. 

VA Hospital

Maximum number of students: 1 
Timeframe:  2 or 4 weeks
Prerequisite:  Completion of the IM Clerkship with a passing grade
***Please contact Dr. Miller regarding access to VA computers***

Available Dates (2012/2013):

  1. May 7th – June 1st
  2. June 4th – June 29th
  3. July 30th – August 24th
  4. September 24th – October 19th
  5. February 4th – March 1st
  6. March 4th – March 28th

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