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For Tulane Students

  1. Completion of the Internal Medicine Clerkship with a grade of pass or higher
  2. Be a member of good standing within the School of Medicine and Department of Internal Medicine.
  3. See specific electives for further pre-requisites.

For Visiting Students from LCME Accredited Medical Schools in the United States

  1. Completion of the Internal Medicine Clerkship (or equivalent) with a grade of pass or higher.
  2. A letter of good standing from the Clerkship Director, Program Director, or Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine at your home school. 
  3. Training in the use of the electronic medical record of Tulane or Medical Center of Louisiana – New Orleans.  Students may NOT use the log-in and password of other students, residents, or fellows. Doing so, will result in a HIPPA violation and the dismissal from the rotation.   This may be completed on arrival to New Orleans prior to starting the elective.  If you need computer training, please make sure you speak with Myra Palmisano – 988-1532. 
  4. Please visit the following site for more details about the application process:

We are not currently accepting visiting students from international schools that do not have an established relationship with Tulane.

The Department of Internal Medicine offers elective rotations for nine subspecialties of Internal Medicine.  The electives may be requested in two or four week intervals.  Students who have excused absences during the time of the elective cannot take the two-week electives and must complete a full four weeks.  At the beginning of each elective, the student may receive a list of objectives and reading.  There may be a take home exam to be completed by the end of the rotation.  Students will be evaluated by fellows and attendings and a grade will be assigned based upon the student’s performance, completion of exam (if required by elective), and professional demeanor.  All electives are graded on a pass/fail system.  The time required for each elective varies by subspecialty, but there will be no overnight call and each student should receive a minimum of one day off per week.  Some elective rotations may require clinical duties on weekends.

***If you choose to sign-up for an elective during November, December, or January (INTERVIEW SEASON), you must be present for the minimum amount of time to receive credit.  Students can only miss one day in a two-week elective to receive credit and a maximum of three days in a four-week elective. 

General Objectives:

  1. Students will report to the fellow in charge of the service (with the exception of Rheumatology).  The fellow’s contact information should be obtained from the coordinator for each subspecialty. 
  2. Students must dress professionally while seeing patients in clinics or on the inpatient services.  The only exceptions are during cardiac catheterization lab or endoscopy.  The students may wear scrubs if participating in these procedures. 
  3. On inpatient services, students are expected to see their own patients, write a daily note and present to the staff attending.  All patients should be discussed with the fellow before presenting to the attending.  The maximum number of patients that a student should be responsible is four.   
  4. On outpatient services, certain clinics are better able to handle students seeing patients on their own versus others.  This will vary among clinics. 
  5. Students should attend conferences with the fellows.  At certain conferences, students may be asked to present. 
  6. Students are expected to be courteous and professional at all times.
  7. Final evaluations will be determined by attending physicians and fellows through the Tulane online evaluation system (E-Value). 
  8. Students will be expected to complete the assigned readings as well as the take home exam (if required) for that particular specialty. 
  9. A grade of pass is achieved by exemplary performance during the clinical rotation and completion of the take home exam.  

Please direct all inquiries regarding electives to Jasmine Gossett, Student Programs Coordinator at

Available electives

Advanced Endoscopy
Allergy and Immunology
Geriatrics (VA)
Infectious Disease
Introduction to Clinical Teaching
Making Medicines: Drug Dev
Medical Research
Online Medical Spanish
Population Health Management
Palliative Care
Primary Care
Quality Improvement/Patient Safety IHI Elective
Upperclassmen Tutoring Underclassmen in Basic sciences And Test-taking

Honors Electives(greater pre-requisite requirements)

VAICU, Hepatology, Congestive Heart Failure Service, Electrophysiology (Cardiology)
Cardiac Imaging, Outpatient HIV, Bone Marrow Unit

General Medicine Electives

Advanced Clinical Teaching
Advanced Internal Medicine
Community Health Practice and Policy

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