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Course Overview

The Core Pediatric Clerkship is an 8 week clinical rotation that is designed to provide an introductory experience in the care of children for junior or senior medical students.    

The goals of the clerkship are to 

1) encourage students to pursue a career involving the care of children, 

2) provide students a firm foundation upon which to pursue additional graduate educate education in pediatrics, 

3) provide students who will pursue primarily non-pediatric careers the core knowledge they need about the care of children

4) encourage the continued development of professional values and attitudes among all students. 

The curriculum is based on a national curriculum that is designed to assist students in acquiring basic knowledge of common and uncommon but significant pediatric disorders through both clinical and didactic learning experiences.    All students spend time in general and specialty ambulatory clinics, general and specialty oriented inpatient ward services, and the well-baby and neonatal intensive care nurseries.   A focus of the clerkship is the development of competency in performing an appropriate history and physical examination on children of different ages. 

All procedures/pt log are completed on E-value

Contact Information

Clerkship Director: Scott Davis, MD
Clerkship Coordinator: Rhonda Bell
Office Phone: 504-988-3161
Fax: 504-988-1771

1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112