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Department of Anesthesiology

Introduction to Anesthesiology

This elective introduces the first and second year medical student to the Anesthesiology specialty. The course includes differing combinations of classroom problem-based case discussions, group lectures with other students or residents, and visits to the simulation center and operating rooms. Operating rooms and the simulation center is where students learn hands-on experience with endotracheal intubation and placing intravenous lines can occur. Supervision is by residents and/or attendings. Discussion topics might include airway management, general vs. regional anesthetic techniques, preoperative & postoperative assessment, intraoperative monitoring, pharmacology, cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology, co-existing disease, as well as anesthetic complications such as awareness during general anesthesia, malignant hyperthermia, regional anesthetic mishaps, and failed intubation. 

You are encouraged to attend resident conferences on Thursday afternoons at 1:00 PM and Friday Mornings at 6:30 in the Anesthesiology Library on the third floor of the hospital across from the SICU. To get the most out of this elective schedule some time in the operating rooms on weekday mornings when the majority of surgery occurs. There are no exams or grading. A minimum of two students per session can be accommodated, more can be arranged if interest is high.

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