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Course Overview

The Immunology course is designed to provide a foundation in the basic concepts and terminology of immunology. It commences with the important components (cells, tissues, antibodies, immunoglobulins) involved in host defense against infectious agents. Introductory lectures serve to describe and differentiate between natural defense (innate) mechanisms and adaptive immunity mediated by functional B and T lymphocytes and their products. Subsequently, cellular interactions, especially the differentiation of helper T cell subsets and the production of relevant cytokines, will be described. This will include the mechanisms of T cell activation and regulation. Finally, clinical immunology will be discussed.  Topics covered include: autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases; hypersensitivity reactions including atopic disorders and asthma; mechanisms of transplant rejection; and immunodeficiency disorders.

Course Goals and Objectives

The overall learning goals for the course are: 1) to acquire a fundamental working knowledge of the basic principles of immunology; 2) to begin to understand how these principles apply to the process of immune function; and 3) to develop the ability to solve problems in clinical immunology by making use of the available resources and communicating with colleagues.


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