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Sexual Health for the Health Care Provider

Department: Medicine

Faculty/Staff Sponsors: MarkAlain Dery, DO, MPH
Phone: 504-988-7138

Brief Description of Course Content: This elective is designed to develop medical students' knowledge and skills toward encouraging healthy sexualities and managing sexual concerns among their patients. Sessions vary in topics and teaching methods and are purposefully designed to provide cross-disciplinary perspectives.

  • Week 1: Common Sexual Concerns, Introduction
  • Week 2: Safe Sex, STIs, HIV/AIDS
  • Week 3: Transgender Health
  • Week 4: Sex Across the Lifespan, Part 1
  • Week 5: Sex Across the Lifespan, Part 2
  • Week 6: Sexual Violence in New Orleans
  • Week 7: Female Empowerment and Sexuality
  • Week 8: Sex Workers

Grading Policy: Students will be graded based on attendance and class participation.  In order to pass the class, students will be expected to fill out a short reflection surveys after each class session. 

Elective is open to: T1s & T2s

Number of Students: 5 minimum, 50 maximum

Time of Course: Wednesdays 12–1pm

Location: TBA
Session: 2 (late October through mid December)

1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112