T1 Electives

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Recruiting the Next Generation

Recruiting the Next Generation

  • Course Overview
Participants in this course will learn how to serve as standardized patients.  They will run role-play scenarios with applicants to the School of Medicine. They will rate applicants' performance for the admissions committee as well provide formal feedback to applicants to exemplify how focused Tulane is on formally developing students’ interpersonal skills.

  • Grading Policy:  Participants are required to complete all training programs and must agree to participate in a minimum of seven interview days.
  • Course Time: Sessions will occur on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:20am – 11:00am. Times to be individually arranged.
  • Sessions: 1,2,3
  • Registration: Email Mike Kremer ( to register for this elective.

Contact Information

Course Director: Cindy Morris, Ph.D. (
Office Phone: 504-988-5187


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