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Course Overview

The Foundations in Medicine II course builds on the the physician-patient relationship from Foundations in Medicine I. This course serves to integrate your other medical school experiences with the development of the heart and soul of the physician. It takes the core idea of what you think a physician should be and expand upon the idea to develop the physician you will become. It includes Sexual History taking, medical ethics, Growth & Development, service learning, preventive medicine, human behavior and Nutrition as well as other topics and issues important for contemporary medicine. The course uses large and small group discussions.

Course Goals and Objectives

  • Further develop your personal beliefs and biases about what kind of physician you will become
  • Explore principals of medical ethics
  • Learn concepts of sexual history taking, human behavior, and growth and development from infant to adult

Syllabus (will be posted shortly)

Contact Information

Course Director: Catherine Jones, MD
Course Coordinator: Evan La Roche
Office: 1430 Tulane Ave, Rm 1730
Office Phone: 504-988-6640
Fax: 504-988-8682


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