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Course Overview

The Mechanisms of Disease: Pathology & Pathophysiology Course integrates the study of the nature of disease with the functional and structural changes that accompany those disease processes. Students are provided both the knowledge about structural and functional alterations that both cause and are the result of these processes. As a result of this course, students will also achieve greater skill in developing differential diagnoses related to these diseases. This course is organized by body systems and all coursework is coordinated with both the pharmacology and clinical diagnosis courses to unify the concepts and the terminology of the subject matter. The system blocks include: cardiology, pulmonary, renal, hematology, gastroenterology, endocrinology/reproduction, and the central nervous system. The Mechanisms of Disease: Pathology & Pathophysiology Course is taught by faculty from both the Department of Pathology and many of the Clinical Departments, using many educational methods including lectures, case-based discussions, laboratory sessions, tutorials, and computer-assisted instruction.


Course Goals

  • To develop an understanding of the causes and mechanisms of disease and the associated alterations of structure and function.
  • To develop skills of observation, interpretation, and integration needed to analyze human disease. When provided with the clinical history, the anatomical lesions, and the laboratory data of a patient, to determine the most likely diagnosis and explain the pathogenesis of the disease.


Course Description (updated 5/2/2012)

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Course Director: Byron E. Crawford, MD
Course Coordinator: Doreen Barrett
Office: 1430 Tulane Ave, Rm 055
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