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Our course in Medical Pharmacology is designed to prepare the student for the clinical study of therapeutics by providing a knowledge of the manner in which drugs modify biological function. The course includes a systematic study of the effects of drugs on different organ systems and disease processes, the mechanisms by which drugs produce their therapeutic and toxic effects, and the factors influencing their absorption, distribution and biological actions. The course consists of a combination of lectures, DVD demonstrations,problem based learning sessions, clinical round tables, and small group discussions. The lecture sequence has been coordinated with the medical courses in Pathology and Pathophysiology and the schedules for these courses have been subdivided into different subject or organ blocks to facilitate learning across disciplines. Learning objectives for each contact hour have been developed and are posted on-line. Defined learning objectives are intended to help assist our students in mastering the content of each session, and for preparing for exams scheduled at the end of each subject block. Interactive self-assessment exams have also been developed, and are posted on this web site. (Confidential grades and quizzes posted here)

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Course Director: Craig W. Clarkson, PhD
Office: 1430 Tulane Ave, Rm 4069
Office Phone: (504) 988-2641
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