The DeBakey Scholars Program


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How to Apply

Students wishing to participate in the DeBakey Scholars Program should email the Senior Program Coordinator, Ms. Kathryn Pierce, indicating that they wish to be considered for admission to the program. 

The following should be attached to the email to Ms. Pierce:

  1. A one to two page written statement indicating why the student wishes to participate in the program, their research interests, and their commitment to continuously participate in the program for the full four years of their medical education.
  2. Updated CV/resume.


Participant Testimonials

Dear Dr. Mitchell, I wanted to let you know that I was asked about my DeBakey Scholars research at every single one of my 18 residency interviews. Not only did my work allow me to stand out from the other applicants but I think it also shows that I have the scholarly skills necessary for the research projects most residencies expect their residents to complete. I would be happy to speak to any students interested in the program as to its merits. Thank you again for all of your support.
-Therese E Gadomski (Class of 2017)

“The DeBakey Scholars Program catalyzed a personal passion and career path I had never anticipated entering Tulane School of Medicine. The Program and Dr. Mitchell's guidance provided the necessary institutional structure that allowed me to quickly identify Tulane mentors in my T1 year who helped me win an NIH and then Harvard Medical School summer research programs, paving the way for my two PhDs (New Orleans and Rome), be recruited for two Director of Research & Development positions both through Tulane and the United Nations, and complete over 130 peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations by the end of my 7 years in this program. I strongly recommend this program to every Tulane medical student, to walk beside mentors eager to equip you to integrate clinical skill, research prowess, and humble commitment to suffer with our patients, all the while redefining what we thought was possible with medicine for them.”
-Dominique J. Monlezun (Class of 2017)

“The Program has allowed me to explore my public health interests in a rigorous way. The skills I developed during my project opened the door for me to pursue an intensive year of dedicated research at another institution.”
-Carlos I. Oronce (Class of 2016)

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