Doctoral Degrees Awarded by the Department, 1927 - present

Alphabetical by Last Name (Student, Title, Date, Advisor)

Special Note:  We are pleased to provide a list of our graduate students, along with the title of their thesis and mentor.  However, please keep in mind that this is a long-term project.  If the information is not available at the moment, please check back later, as we update this material.  If a name is missing, please contact Gilbert Estrada.


Abarca Bertetti, Francisco Alfredo
Chemical carcinogenesis and electronic excitation states, 1967, Steele, Richard H.

Elizabeth AbboudAbboud, Elizabeth
Directed selection and characterization of high-affinity synergistic antibodies, 2007, Blake, Diane.

Allen, Robert Charles
Studies on the generation of electronic excitation states in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes and their participation in microbicidal activity, 1973, Steele, Richard H.

Kimberly AndersonAnderson, Kimberly Michelle
Isolation, cloning, and characterization of a novel blood group A- and B-cleaving endo-beta-galactosidase (Endo-beta-GalAB), 2004, Li, Yu-Teh.

Andrade-Lleras, Fernando
A phosphoinositide complex from kidney cortex, 1963, Huggins, Clyde G.

Arai, Kazko
Kidney alkaline phosphatase, 1956, Schales, Otto.

Arias, Aguirre Fernando
Studies on the structure of the vasopressor polypeptide, substance AB, 1965, Huggins, Clyde G.


William BaricosBaricos, William Harvey
Regulation of phosphoinositide metabolism in rabbit kidney cortex slices, 1972, Huggins, Clyde G.

Barker, Myra Ann Osborn
The influence of sex and diet on the biosynthesis of phosphatidyl choline in rat liver, 1970, Hamilton, James G.

Barnes, William Thomas
Chemical modification and structural studies of clostridiopeptidase-A from Clostridium histolyticum, 1972, Scheollman, Gunther

Neil BascosBascos, Neil Andrew.
The requirement of J-domain structural rigidity for cochaperone-mediated allostery in the DnaJ-DnaK molecular chaperone machine, 2008, Landry, Samuel.

Baugh, Charles Milton
The role of pyrimidines in the biogenesis of pteridines, 1962, Shaw, Elliott.

Bazzano, Gaetano
Influence of vitamin B12 and methionine on sterol synthesis in ochromonasmalhamensis, 1964, Miller, O. Neal.

Cecily BennettBennett, Cecily
Characterization of the cytotoxic effects of the AF4-mimetic peptide PFWT on the MV4;11 cell line
, 2008, Hemmenway, Charles S.

Bennett, Sidney John
A chemical and immunological study of the vitamin B12 binders of porcine gastric mucosa, 1968, Hansen, Hans J.

Boh, Erin Elizabeth
Studies on the significance of acetaldehyde-elicited mitochondrial chemiluminescence, 1980, Steele, Richard. H.

Bonilla, Romera Ernesto Marcelino
Phosphatidylinositol phosphohydrolase of rat submaxillary gland, 1971, Huggins, Clyde G.

Jamilah BorjacBorjac, Jamilah M
RNA determinants of specificity of two phylogenetically related single-stranded DNA-binding proteins, 1997, Karam, Jim D.


Stephanie CarmicleCarmicle, Stephanie Dionne
The influence of antigen three-dimensional structure on helper T cell epitope immunodominance, 2003, Landry, Samuel.

Carter, Bing Zhou.
Isolation and characterization of ceramide glycanase, 1990, Li, Yu-Teh.

Castrejon, Ruby Nickel
Some aspects of sterol biosynthesis in certain micro-organisms, 1963. Hamilton, James G.

Ming-Jin ChangChang, Ming-Jin
Characterization of specific roles for AF4 and Dot1 in transformation mediated by MLL-AF9 leukemic oncoprotein, 2011, Hemenway, Charles S.

Chau, Sinh Van
Diabetic cataract: prevention by photoaffinity drug, 1984, Cohen, William.

Chaverri, Guillermo M.
Kynurenic and xanthurenic acid production by kynurenine aminotransferase: a comparative study of these reactions and their inhibition by conjugated estrogens, 1970, Muldrey, James E.

Shaoxiong ChenChen, Shaoxiong
Characterization of cis-acting elements and trans-acting factors involved in mRNA 3' end formation in the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 1998, Hyman, Linda E.

Min-Yuan ChouChou, Min-Yuan
Sialidase L, a novel NeuAc(alpha)2--3Gal-specific sialidase from the leech, Macrobdella decora: Purification, characterization, cloning and expression, 1996, Li, Yu-Teh.

Coffey, John William
Studies of the metabolism of L-fucose, 1963, Miller, O. Neal.


Das, Ira.
Ethanol metabolism in zinc deficiency, 1986, Hahn, Henry (Department of Medicine).

DeBalbian Verster, Floris
The localization, purification and characterization of diamine oxidase, 1960, Byron E. Leach (Psychiatry).

Degasperi, Rita
Catabolism of Glycoconjugates (Keratan Sulfate), 1986, Li, Yu-Teh.


Enseleit, Wolfram Herbert
Alterations in metabolism associated with complete ischemia in the brain. 1981, Baricos, William H.


Rebecca FisherFisher, Rebecca
Brevetoxin as a model analyte for aquatic immunosensor applications, 2012, Blake, Diane.

Mette FlaatFlaat, Mette
The comparison of three types of adult stem cells for the treatment of the Twitcher Mouse Model of Krabbe's Disease, 2010, Bruce Bunnell (Pharmacology).

Flint, Donald Richard
Studies on the structure and metabolism of a phosphoinositide complex from renal cortex. 1967, Huggins, Clyde G.

Fontenelle, Lydia Julia
Studies on the carbon and energy source of Acanthamoeba SP, 1967, White, Alan G.

France, Aurelie Mary
Studies on the specificity of adenylosuccinase, 1968, Shaw, Elliott.

Thomas FreemanFreeman, Thomas C., Jr.
The genomic prediction and characterization of transmembrane beta-barrels in Gram-negative bacteria, 2009, Wimley, William C.


Gallo-Torres, Hugo Enrique
A study of the role of free and conjugated bile salts on absorption and esterification of cholesterol in the gut, 1968, Miller, O. Neal.

Gaut, Zane Noel
Phosphoinositide metabolism during electrical stimulation of the autonomic innervation of the submaxillary gland of the cat. 1964, Huggins, Clyde G.

Gonzalez, Guillermo
Effects of insulin and presnisolone on the control of lipid synthesis in cultured sarcoma 180 cells, 1972, Smith, Jack L.

Michael GreenGreene, Michael
Structure and mechanism of cooperation by Escherichia coli hsp40 DnaJ and hsp70 DnaK, 1999, Landry, Samuel J.

Guthans, Sandra Lea
Studies on microsomal chemiluminescence: characterization and mechanism, 1980, Baricos, William H.


Hansen, Hans John
Studies on the metabolism of vitamin B12 (Parts I and II), 1960, Miller, O. Neal.

Herndon, Natalie Brown
A lymphocytotoxic factor in schizophrenic serum, 1973, Stjernholm, Rune L.

Marcia HenryHenry, Marcia
Probing the Structural and Molecular Basis for Binding in a Monoclonal Antibody, 2012, Blake, Diane.

Hilker, Doris Martha
Some aspects of the carbohydrate metabolism of Entamoeba histolytica, 1958, White, Alan G. C.

Hill, William Herbert
CDP-diglyceride:  inositol transferase of rat heart-a possible beta-receptor, 1974, Hurst, Max Wayne

Bethany HorneHorne, Bethany
2007, Hyman, Linda.

Howes, Randolph Michael
Studies on the mechanism of action of microsomal mixed function oxidases, 1971, Steele, Richard H.

Huang, Lan-Hsiang
Effect of 5-methylation of cytosine residues on interactions of proteins with DNA, 1985, Ehrlich, Melanie.

Huggins, Clyde G.
Studies on the metabolism of 1,2-propanediol-phosphate in yeast, 1955, Miller, O. Neal.


Kesmic JacksonJackson, Kesmic
2006, Ehrlich, Melanie.

Tanya JacksonJackson, Tanya Shae
Characterization of Elongin C in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and identification of interacting proteins, 2000, Hyman, Linda E.

Duane JeansonneJeansonne, Duane

Weizhen JiJi, Weizhen
Analysis of chromosomal rearrangements that may predispose cells to oncogenesis, 1996, Ehrlich, Melanie.

Kelly JohansonJohanson, Kelly
Defining the role of GRS1 in transcription termination, 2003, Hyman, Linda.

Immanual JosephJoseph, Immanual
Telomere recombination in senescence bypass and meiosis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 2008, Lustig, Arthur.


Kastl, Peter Robert
A prosthetic liver for acute drug overdose, 1978, Cohen, William.

Kastler, Arthur Ordway
Studies in phosphate metabolism, 1927, Denis, Willey Glover.

Geetha KothandaramanKothandaraman, Geetha
2006, Vaccaro, Joseph.

Aram KrausonKrauson, Aram
Mechanisms of Pore Formation in Membranes, 2011, Wimley, William.

Krumdieck B., Carlos
Studies on the biosynthesis of folic acid and riboflavin, 1964. Shaw, Elliott.


Lamar, Carlos, Jr.
The action of the convulsant DL-methioninne DL-sulfoximine (MSO) on glutamine synthetase and glutamine transferase of rat cerebral cortex, 1964, Sellinger, Otto Z.

Le, Quoc Cuong
Studies on endogenous glomerular proteinases potentially involved in glomerular diseases, 1992, Baricos, William H.

Lee, Kai-Lin
Studies on the induction of rat liver mitoochondrial L-alphaglycerophosphate dehydrogenase by thyroid hormone, 1966, Miller, O. Neal

Lee, Ten-Ching Lu
Hydrolysis of triphosphoinositide by and enzyme from kidney cortex, 1967, Huggins, Clyde G.

Lengle, Ernest Edwin, Jr.
Intracellular mobilization and metabolism of lipids by sarcoma 180 cells in culture, 1970, Smith, Jack L.

Hung-Jin LiawLiaw, Hung-jiun
Functional studies of the C-terminal domain of Sir3 (CTD) and histone H2A in telomeric position effect (TPE), 2006, Lustig, Arthur J..

Jeffrey LinLin, Jeffrey J.
HSP 90 directly modulates the spatial distribution of AF9/MLLT3 and affects target gene expression, 2010,
Hemmenway, Charles S.

Lint, Thomas Franklin
Metabolic studies on normal and leukemic established human lymphoblastoid cell lines, 1973, Stjernholm, Rune L.

Dorothy LoLo, Dorothy
Characterizing the regulation of nucleostemin and its interaction with the ARF tumor suppressor, 2012, Lu, Hua.

Lopez-Santolino, Alfredo
Studies of cholesterol ester metabolism in newborn and adult rats, 1963, Muldrey, James E.



Christi MagrathMagrath, Christi Lee
The role of GRSl in transcription termination by RNA polymerase II, 1999, Hyman, Linda E.

Rajeev MahimkarMahimkar, Rajeev
Identification, cellular distribution and potential role of MDC9 in rat kidney, 2000, Baricos, William H.

Mares-Guia, Marcos Luiz Dos
Studies on the active center of trypsin, 1964, Shaw, Elliott N.

Mazzotta, Mary Louise Youngerman
Adenylate kinase from Thiobacillus neapolitanus: purification, characterization and consideration of a possible role in metabolic regulation, 1972, Johnson, Emmett J. (Department of Microbiology).

Scott MeltonMelton, Scott
Transitioning from the bench to the real world: adaptation of uranyl specific antibodies for use in field-based environmental analysis, 2010, Diane Blake.

Denise MiranoMirano-Bascos, Denise
The influence of HIV gp120 structure on the helper T-cell and antibody response, 2008, Landry, Samuel J..

Montenegro, Luis Ernesto Barbosa
Comparative studies of the cell walls and cytoplasmic lipids of wild-type and the osmotic-mutant of Neurospora crassa, 1966, Hamilton, James G.

Muhiudeen, Isobel Aysha
Glycolipids of the human small intestine and liver, 1981, Li, Yu-Teh.

Muldrey, James Edward, Jr.
Ion-exchange chromatography and erythrocyte nucleotides, 1959, Wendel, William B.


Anjali NareshNaresh, Anjali
Influence of ERBB4 on endocrine therapy of breast cancer, 2008, Jones, Frank.

Ajita NarayanNarayan, Ajita
DNA hypomethylation and chromosomal rearrangements in the ICF syndrome and in cancer, 2000, Ehrlich, Melanie.

Jacqueline NesbitNesbit, Jacqueline
Structural analysis of the AF9 C-terminus, 2007, Hemenway, Charles S. (Pediatrics).


Oliveira, Dalmo Nunes Goncalves de
The absorption and metabolism of exogenous cholesterol in the rat as influenced by the long-term feeding of high fat diets, 1968, Miller, O. Neal.

Ong, Eng Bee
Isolation and analysis of peptides containing the reactive histidine residue of alpha-chymotrypsin, 1964, Shaw, Elliott.


Pargaonkar, Padmakar Shankar,
Studies on morphology and the control of pyrimidine biosynthesis in Streptococcus pyogenes, 1967, White, Alan G.

Pavesi Arriagada, Leopoldo Mario
The enzymatic formation and destruction of substance A bynagarse, 1965, Huggins, Clyde G.

Petra, Philip Hue
Isolation and characterization of the alkylated histidine residue from trypsin inhibited by a specific reagent, TLCK, 1966. Shaw, Elliott.

Pinter, Karoly Gyorgy
Some aspects of cholesterol and cholesterol ester metabolism in the rat, 1962, Hamilton, James G.

Pitot, Henry Clement, III
Studies on the control of protein synthesis in normal and neoplastic rat liver, 1959, Watt, Dean D.

Pletsch, Quentin Albert
Intracellular transport of vitamin B12 in rat liver, 1971, Coffey, John W.


Lixin QiQi, Lixin

Guangzhi QuQu, Guangzhi
DNA rearrangements, DNA methylation, and cancer, 1997, Ehrlich, Melanie..


Ramesh RathinakumarRathinakumar, Ramesh
Biomolecular engineering by combinatorial design and high-throughput screening, 2008, Wimley, William C.

Joshua RauuschRausch, Joshua
Design and characterization of pore-forming peptides from a combinatorial library, 2005, Wimley, William C.

Reitz, Ronald Charles
Lipids of algae: A. Sterols and fatty acids of blue-green algae. B. Fatty acids of synchronous cultures of Chlorella pyrenoidosa, 1966, Hamilton, James G.

Jerzy RokickiRokicki, Jerzy
ERBB4 regulated intramembrane proteolysis is stimulated by estradiol and the  4ICD product controls progesterone receptor expression, 2011, Jones, Frank.


St. Angelo, Allen Joseph
Isolation and characterization of edestin from aleurone grains and acid protease in cannabis sativa L. 1968, Hansen, Hans J.

Zubaida SaifudeenSaifudeen, Zubaida
Transcription regulation by methylated DNA-binding proteins (MDBP) from the 5'-untranslated region of the human alpha-galactosidase A gene, 1999, Ehrlich, Melanie.

Salhi, Sharon Lynn
Regulation of the metabolism of vitamin B12 binders, 1968, Hansen, Hans J.

Samac, Sonja
1998, Ehrlich, Melanie.

Sansone, Gail Louise
Metabolism of glycerol ethers and wax esters in the preputial gland of the mouse, 1968, Hamilton, James G.
Sander, Gary Edward
Studies on the pulmonary angiotensin I converting enzyme, 1971, Huggins, Clyde G.

Schroeder, Duane David
The specific alkylation of trypsin by active site directed phenacyl bromides: chromatographic and chemical characterization of trypsin and phenacyl bromide modified derivatives, 1967, Shaw, Elliott.

Sellinger, Otto Z.
Studies on the metabolism of acetol phosphate, 1958, Miller, O. Neal.

Stephen SharkadySharkady, Stephen Michael
Chemical crosslinking of ribonuclease P holoenzyme from Escherichia coli: Structure and catalytic mechanism of a
, 2002, Nolan, James M.

Shaw, Charis Paoletti
Some aspects of the metabolism of arginine in Streptococcus pyogenes, 1961, White, Alan G. C.

Shenoy, Suresh
DNA cytosine methylation and DNA repair, 1987, Ehrlich, Melanie.

Frank ShewmakerShewmaker, Frank Paul
From phenotype to protein folding: Characterization of the allele-dependent genetic interactions between chaperonin and co-chaperonin alleles, 2003, Landry, Samuel.

Shenoy, Konchady Gopalkrishna
Studies on the mechanism of absorption of vitamin B 12 in Euglena gracilisvar bacillaris, 1963, Miller, O. Neal.

Soberano, Mercedes Esmeralda
Specificity studies of the collagenolytic enzyme from Clostridium histolyticum, 1971, Schoellman, Gunther

Squires, Raymond B.
Studies in the oxidation-reduction potential of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), 1936, Kastler, Arthur 0.

Richard SteeleSteele, Richard H.
Studies on the carbohydrate metabolism of Streptococcus pyogenes, 1954, White, Alan G.

Stone, Michael Omarr
Studies on the chemiluminescence from an oxygen and/or hydrogen peroxide derivative of the riboflavin-copper (I)-chelate, 1969, Steele, Richard H.

Strickland, James Edward
Control of triglyceride synthesis in the isolated perfused liver of the rat, 1968, Miller, O. Neal.

Sullivan, Richard James
Studies on adenosine triphosphate-creatine phosphotransferase of rat cerebral cortex, 1966, Miller, O. Neal.


Abida TaherTaher, Abida
Divergent effects on Escherichia coli chaperonin function by mutations in the GroES mobile loop, 1998, Landry, Samuel.

Tan, Charles Hua-Min
Metabolism of Transcobalamin-II, 1967, Hansen, Hans J.

Thampi, Nagendran Sankaranaryanan
Studies on the biochemistry of vasoactive polypeptides 1968, Huggins, Clyde G.

Ting, Shu-Mei
Studies on the metabolism of lactaldehyde, 1962, Miller, O. Neal.

Jen-sie TouTou, Jen-sie Hsu
A phosphatidylinositol kinase in rat kidney cortex, 1968, Huggins, Clyde G.

Townsend, Robert ReidCarbohydrate structure of human fibrinogen and studies on its interaction with the lectin of hepatic parenchymal cells, 1982, Li, Yu-Teh.



Vandevoorde, Jacques Pierre
Some aspects of the carcinostatic action of 6-mercaptopurine, its 9-alkylated derivatives and azaserine, 1968, Hansen, Hans J.

Vaz, Winchil Louis Claude
Studies on fluorescent conjugates of some serine proteinases, 1975, Schoellmann, Guenther.

Veith, Diane Calongne
Isolation of the histidine residue at the active center of chymotrypsin alkylated by chloromethyl ketones, 1965. Shaw, Elliott.

Vieira, Enio Cardillo
Role of purines in the biogenesis of folic acid, 1960, Shaw, Elliott.

Villa-Trevino, Saul
On the biochemical pathology of the lesions induced by ethionine. Mechanism of inhibition of protein synthesis, 1964, Farber, Emmanuel (Pathology).

Vorhaben, Jean Ellen
Studies on the generation of electronic excitation states in a riboflavin-hydroperoxide system, 1965, Steele, Richard H.


Nicholas WallaceWallas, Nicholas
Cellular and genomic impact of LINE-1 mobile element expression, Deininger, Prescott, 2008.

Chien-Chia WangWang, Chien-Chia
Structural organization and RNA-binding properties of the DNA polymerases of bacteriophages T4 and RB69, 1997, Karam, Jim D.

Wang, Richard Yuan-Hu
Analysis of the function of methylation of cytosine residues in DNA: use of probes from microorganisms, 1982, Ehrlich, Melanie.

Warren, Barton L.
Studies on a system to transfer 5'-nucleotidase to intact cells, 1980, Stanfield, Mannie K.

Wiech, Norbert Leonard
The influence of the intestinal microflora on the absorption and metabolism of dietary triglycerides in the rat, 1966, Hamilton, James G.

Wild, Gaynor Clarke
The diazonium coupling of ribonuclease, 1962, Shaw, Elliott.

Bridget WilliamsWilliams, Bridget
The role of tract stability in telomere maintenance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 2005, Lustig, Arthur J.

Wittman, James Smythe, III
The effect of dietary and hormonal influences on rat liver polysomes, 1970, Miller, O. Neal.

Yan Yun WuWu, Yan Yun
Catabolism of Tay-Sachs ganglioside: Studies of the recombinant GM2-activator proteins, 1996, Li, Yu-Teh.


Lu-Shu YehYeh, Lu-Shu
1997, Karam, Jim D.

Jeffrey YuziukYuziuk, Jeffrey Adam
Studies of the catabolism of two unusual types of sialoglycoconjugates, KDN-containing glycoconjugates and G(M2) ganglioside, 1997, Li, Yu-Teh.


Zee, Paulus
Serum fatty acids. The influence of maternal diet on the fatty acid distribution of serum lecithin of pregnant rats, their newborn, and their milk, 1965, Muldrey, James E.



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