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Project Presentations

How to Lose Weight Without Really Trying by Anyin Hsieh

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Ann Hsieh did her Family Medicine rotation in New Iberia, La. with Robert Lahasky, MD.

Her presentation used evidence-based medicine to demonstrate how small changes over time can lead to weight loss and correct habits that promote obesity. Ann’s product was a pamphlet of tips & tricks to encourage healthy changes in patients’ dieting and activity over time.

Helping Patients with Diabetes Meet Their Goals by Jessica Del Sesto

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Jessica Del Sesto had her Family Medicine rotation in Luling, La. with Sudha Mardia, MD.

This presentation discusses the social contract a doctor may take with their patients, focusing specifically on diabetes and engaging patients with easy to understand goals to mitigate the disease. She created a hand out for patients that can clearly define goals and provide helpful resources found on the Web.

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