Sarah LindseySarah Lindsey, PhD

Tulane University School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology

Vasoprotective effects of estrogen in hypertension and diabetes


Cardiovascular complications due to hypertension and diabetes are increased after menopause. My current research investigates how estrogens are beneficial in vascular health. I am particularly interested in membrane-initiated estrogenic signaling events which influence vascular tone and remodeling. My lab utilizes a DMT610M Multi-Chamber Wire Myograph for in vitro monitoring of vessels as small as 60 µm in diameter. Other techniques include radioligand binding, conscious blood pressure measurement, small animal surgery, in vivo drug delivery, and measurement of calcium mobilization in isolated vascular smooth muscle cells.

Ongoing research projects related to diabetes and obesity

  • Protective vascular effects of estrogen in hypertension, diabetes, and obesity
  • Influence of environmental estrogens on the progression of cardiovascular and diabetic diseases
  • Nongenomic estrogen signaling in the vasculature
  • Interactions between estrogens and the renin-angiotensin system

Lab members

Liu Liu, MD, PhD – Postdoctoral Fellow
Nell Pounder, MS – Research Technician
Emma Trimmer, MS – Research Technician
Rebecca Budish, BS – Master’s student
Shreya Kashyap – Undergraduate student

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