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Tulane University Hospital & Clinics

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1450 Tulane Ave New Orleans, LA 70112
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Tulane Lakeside

4700 S. 1-10 Service Road West Metairie, LA 70001
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Tulane University Hospital & Clinics (TUHC), which includes facilities in Metairie and New Orleans, provides endocrine fellows with both ambulatory and inpatient experience. Due to the great variety of endocrine problems seen in both male and female patients, the Metairie facility serves as the fellows’ continuity clinic. Clinics are held 3 days per week with an average of 15-25 patients presenting at each clinic (5-10 new; 10-15 returning).

Fellows do inpatient consults at both Tulane’s Metairie and New Orleans facilities, with around 2-3 new consults per day. They participate with a team consisting of medical students, residents, and a staff physician. Rounds are held once a day on the inpatient service, and also cover any new consults.

Tulane LakesideOf all the facilities, TUHC offers the greater number of younger adults of both genders and the concomitant opportunity of treating genetically driven endocrine disorders such as Type 1 diabetes and hypogonadism. Because of its diabetes and nutrition center, the Metairie facility provides fellows with clinical experience not only in the nutritional management of diabetes, but also in the evaluation and management of multi-factorial disorders associated with hormonal regulation such as nutritional disorders of obesity, anorexia nervosa, and bulimia.

Due to the program’s close collaboration with TUHC neurosurgery and head-neck surgery, experience is also available in preoperative evaluation and long term management of patients with pituitary, thyroid, and parathyroid disorder.

TUHC is the only facility where fellows are able to participate with a team in the treatment of transplant patients and the intricacies of prescribing medications for transplant recipients. Finally, because it is the only private facility at which fellows rotate, TUHC provides ample practice in documentation and billing systems unique to private health care settings.

Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans

1542 Tulane Ave New Orleans, LA 70112
(504)-903-0379 (Main)Interim LSU
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The Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans (MCLNO) provides both ambulatory (Poydras Street Clinic) and inpatient (University Hospital) experience with a patient population with an even male to female distribution. The age range is younger than VA patients, but not as young as some Tulane-Lakeside clinic patients. Clinics are held once per week. On average, there are 15-20 patients per clinic (6-8 new; 9-12 returns). Inpatient consult service usually evaluates around 1-2 new consults per week. Fellows join a team consisting of medical students, residents, and a staff physician. Rounds are held once a day and include any new consults.

Due to the socio-economic constraints and limited resources of the patient population at MCLNO, fellows are more likely to encounter acute endocrine emergencies such as adrenal insufficiency, thyroid storm, or hypercalcemia as compared to the VA or TUHC. MCLNO’s population puts a unique demand on fellows to find creative ways of 1) communicating risks and need for compliance, 2) counseling patients regarding habits they may be willing to change to meet health goals, and 3) finding medical and social services for a population that is underinsured.

Veterans Affairs Medical Center of New Orleans (VA)

1601 Perdido Street New Orleans, LA 70112
(504)-568-0811 (Main)
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VA_imageThe Southeast Louisiana Health Care System (VA) provides both ambulatory and inpatient experience for endocrine fellows through general endocrine clinics located at the VA and inpatient service currently located at Tulane University Hospital & Clinic. The VA patient population is primarily male and elderly. Clinics are held 3 days per week. On average, 12-15 patients are seen in each clinic (4-5 new; 8-10 returning). Fellows also have training in ultrasound and ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration during the ultrasound thyroid FNA clinic.

With the reopening of VA inpatient service at Tulane University Hospital & Clinic facility, it is anticipated that the VA consult service will evaluate around 1-2 new consults per day. Fellows will join a team consisting of medical students, residents, and a staff physician. Rounds will be held once a day on the inpatient service, and also cover any new consults.

With its largely elderly population, the VA provides a unique opportunity for fellows to treat “multiple” chronic diseases including diabetes, thyroid disorders, and osteoporosis. The VA’s predominantly male population, in contrast to a younger, male population at Tulane-Lakeside, also provides an excellent opportunity for fellows to treat reproductive disorders such as hypogonadism in two different populations where diagnosis and management differ markedly.

The VA also enriches the clinical experience of endocrine fellows by presenting patients who have developed endocrine disorders as a result of environmental exposures that are combat related (e.g., agent orange). Because VA patients come from a wider geographical area than patients at TUHC and MCLNO, fellows may have the opportunity of evaluating a larger number of people with thyroid cancer, carcinoid tumors, or pituitary tumors.

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