Robert S Bulat, MDRobert S. Bulat, MD
Professor of Medicine
Program Director, Gastroenterology & Hepatology Fellowship


Dr Robert Bulat completed his undergraduate (BSc. Psychology), graduate (MSc Medical Sciences/Neuroscience, PhD Medical Science/Physiology and Pharmacology) and medical school training at McMaster University in Hamilton,Ontario, Canada. He then completed Internal Medicine training at the University of Toronto (Women’s College Hospital, Sunnybrook Medical Center and The Toronto Hospital) before returning to McMaster to complete his GI fellowship training. He did an additional advanced fellowship year in Motility and was a Clinical Scholar at the McMaster CAG Center of Excellence for Motility under Dr Gervais Tougas. Dr Bulat joined the faculty at Tulane in 1998 as an Assistant Professor under Dr Roy Orlando, and director of the GI Motility Service. Presently he is Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Chief of Division under Dr Luis Balart, Director of the Neurogastroenterology and Motility Service, and GI Training Program Director.

Dr Bulat’s activities include a busy tertiary referral practice for motility and functional GI disorders, with emphasis on gastroparesis. He is Tulane principle investigator on an FDA Humanitarian Use protocol for Enterra gastric electrical stimulation for drug refractory gastroparesis, as well as an additional protocol for use of temporary gastric stimulation as a predictor of efficacy for permanent implantation. Other interests include wireless capsule endoscopy for diagnosis of small bowel disorders, and GI healthcare outcomes after Hurricane Katrina.

Selected Publications

Bulat R, Kannan MS, Garfield RE, (1989); Studies of the Innervation of Rabbit Myometrium and Cervix (Can J Phys, Pharm 1989 67, 837-844).

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Malliaris, SD, Nemechek, AJ, Bulat, RS and Jaffe, BM (2007) Double Endoscopic Technique for Operative Dilation of Esophageal Strictures Resistant to Conventional Therapy; J La State Med Soc 159. 41-45

Book Chapters

1. Bulat, R.S, Caldarelli, C, Tougas G. (2002) Theraputic Utility of Antispasmodics in IBS; In: Camilleri and Spiller (eds) Irritable Bowel Syndrome: a clinician’s guide (WB Saunders, London)

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