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On July 1, 2014, Dr. John Carlson, MD, PhD became Co-Director of the Allergy & Immunology Fellowship Program along with Dr. Laurianne Wild.

Dr. John Carlson, MD, PhD, graduate of our Allergy & Immunology Fellowship Program, is the medical director of the New Orleans Children’s Health Project (NOCHP) who’s mission is to provide free medical and mental health services to underserved and uninsured children via drop-in clinics and mobile medical units.

In addition to seeing patients at the Tulane clinic, Dr. Carlson currently sees patients for both general pediatric and specialty care both at the drop-in clinic and mobile medical unit of NOCHP.  His focus is Asthma and Allergy & Immunology.

Dr. Carlson is a valued member of the faculty working with our Fellowship Program.

We are very proud of Dr. Carlson’s many accomplishments.

Dr. Stephen Derbes, Rheumatologist, joined our Section as of November 29, 2012 and sees patients at the Internal Medicine Practice (next to The Lung Center), 1415 Tulane Avenue, 7th floor.

Important work is being done by Tulane researcher, Dr. Soheila Maleki, Adjunct Associate Professor in the Section of Clinical Immunology, Allergy & Immunology.  Dr. Maleki and her team are studying how allergens interact with the human immune system.  Blood samples from food-allergic patients are collected and immune system components are isolated and then tested to see how the antibodies react to allergens in foods such as peanuts.  Their hope is to find out why some people are allergic and some are not and why certain foods are allergenic and others are not, and hopefully leading to discovering methods of processing foods that would reduce their allergenic potential.  Food allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish) affect 12 million Americans and are responsible for 90% of allergic reactions to food.

Dr. John Carlson, Director of Research Training conducts a 5-part lecture series for fellows of the Tulane and LSU allergy/immunology training programs entitled Methods in Clinical Research for Allergy/ImmunologyIntroduction:  Historical trends, current crisis and the need for clinical research; Statistical Methods:  Data types, sample size, statistical power, and independence of observations; Ethics in research:  Funding sources, vulnerable populations, informed consent and IRBs; Publishing results:  Anticipating and overcoming common barriers; Getting started in clinical research:  Collaborators and the continuous quality improvement model.


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