Clinical Faculty

Roy S Weiner, MDRoy S. Weiner, MD
Professor of Medicine
Associate Dean for Clinical Research

Dr. Weiner obtained his M.D from SUNY at Brooklyn (1967). He trained in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital and at the Hospitals of the University of California in San Francisco. After fellowships at the N.I.H. and l'Institut de Cancerologie et d'Immunogenetique in Villejuif, France, he joined the teaching faculty at Harvard Medical School and was research associate then assistant professor at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Brigham and Women's Hospital. In 1976, he became associate professor and chief, Division of Medical Oncology, at the University of Florida. He held the American Cancer Society Professorship there until 1993.

Dr. Weiner moved to Tulane University in 1993 as the Schlieder Chair and founding director of the Tulane Cancer Center. In 2002, he assumed a second role as founding co-director of the Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium (LCRC). On July 1, 2007, Dr. Weiner was named Tulane University School of Medicine's associate dean for clinical research and training. In his new position, Dr. Weiner works with center directors and department chairs to enrich Tulane University's clinical research environment. He also oversees the Master of Science in Clinical Research (MS-CR) program, designed to prepare the next generation of clinical and translational researchers and to transform Louisiana into a destination for clinical research for both patients and the pharmaceutical industry.

Through a P-20 Planning Grant funded by the National Cancer Institute, he has worked with Xavier University concentrating on cancer outcome disparities based on race and ethnicity. He has also worked with faculty at both Tulane and Xavier to formally incorporate cultural competence into the curriculum of medical (Tulane) and pharmacy (Xavier) students. Currently, Dr. Weiner leads the Professional Development Core of LaCATS, a collaboration among Tulane, LSU New Orleans, and Pennington Biomedical Research Center to foster translational research in Louisiana and funded through the NIH’s IDeA initiative. In addition to his academic responsibilities, Dr. Weiner remains an active cancer clinician and associate director of the TCC for clinical cancer research.

Selected Publications

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