Clinical and Translational Breast Oncology Laboratory

Dr. Collins-Burow's research involves a novel genetic therapy to fight triple negative breast cancer, an aggressive type of breast cancer that is prevalent among African-American women. Her research is part of the 2009 ARRA supplemental funding. Triple-negative breast cancer does not respond to normal first-line cancer treatments. She is exploring a technique for modulating gene expression to potentially turn on a critical miRNA gene that influences cancer growth and could lead to an effective new therapy. Current therapies for this cancer involve cytotoxic chemotherapeutics that are very indirect in their action and highly toxic to patients.

Bridgette Collins-Burow, MD, PhD

Laboratory Staff:
Steven Elliott - Lab Supervisor
Lyndsay Vanhoy Rhodes, PhD - Post Doc Fellow
Chandra Tate - Medical Research Specialist
Christopher Segar - Graduate Student




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