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Neurology Clerkship
Neurology > Programs > Suggested Portfolio Topics

Suggested Portfolio Topics

Potential Topics for Portfolio

  1. Book review of neurology books on reserve.

  2. No-case review of patient presented on rounds.

  3. If subdural hematoma expands by enhanced cerebral edema, why not treat non-surgically with corticosteroids rather than surgical evaluation?

  4. What is reflex sympathetic dystrophy and why is this a lousy name?

  5. What is chronic fatigue syndrome and is this simply "depression in sheep's clothing"?

  6. What was William Oldendorff major contribution to medicine and why did he not win the Nobel Prize?

  7. Who was Robert Heath and what was his role in deep brain stimulation?

  8. Discuss "somatization" is a neurological not psychiatric illness.

  9. Discuss "before CT", cerebellar hemorrhage was an untreatable condition".

  10. Discuss this premise: "Stroke is failure of medical management".

  11. Discuss why if Coumadin reduced stroke incidence by greater than 70%, it is not routinely used.

  12. Discuss "all anti-hypertensive are equally effective in BP lowering and stroke prevention".

  13. Discuss it is possible to have ruptured aneurysm if CT and LP are normal.

  14. If elevated Blood Pressure causes aneurysm rupture, then hypotensive therapy may prevent this occurrence.

  15. If hypertension causes lipohyalinosis and fibrinoid degeneration which causes weakness in arterial wall. Why do some patients develop intracerebral hemorrhage and others lacunar infarcts?

  16. Patients with epilepsy and Parkinsonism should not drive an automobile.

  17. The Folstein MMSE is a highly sensitive screening test for dementia of all type.

  18. Who was H. Houston Merritt and what was his major contribution to neurology?

  19. Discuss Edgar Moniz won the Nobel Prize for the wrong reason. Discuss what are the implications today of wrong "invention".

  20. Parkinson disease is first described in 1820 and is disease of industrial "revolution".

  21. on-malignant pain may justifiably be treated with opoids. For example, migraine, tension headache, and low back pain.

  22. Discuss the premise: "US Surgeons do not do enough operations for back pain".

  23. For asymptomatic carotid stenosis, endarterectomy is clearly better than best medical management.

  24. Discuss "response to dopaminergic medication established diagnosis of PD".

  25. Dopaminergic medication is toxic to PD patients.

  26. Chronic fatigue with sleep disturbance is most common etiology of myasthenia gravis.

  27. Mary Walker, a female House Officer and Arthur Strauss, first year medical student and now a psycho-analyst made two of the seminal contributions to our understanding of myasthenia gravis.

  28. Treatment of TIA is not a medical emergency.

  29. The most common cause of "pseudotumor cerebri" is "tumor cerebri".

  30. Brenda Miller patient "HM" has an excellent memory.

  31. Discuss "Fibromyalgia is psychiatric illness for the weak-minded".

  32. Discuss the disabling aspects of MS.

  33. What is the primary pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease-amyloid deposit of neurofibrillary tangles?

  34. Discuss "Neurology is boring/exciting and the characteristics of your favorite neurology (resident/staff) teacher.

  35. Describe an interesting neurology web-site and tell why.

  36. Describe a complementary treatment for neurological illness.

  37. Describe the personal agony suffered by a patient with Tourette Syndrome.

  38. What would you do and say to a patient and family suspected of having motor neuron disease?

  39. Who has Karen Ann Quinlin and what was the controversy in her case?

  40. What might you discuss with 16 year old female patient who has had seizures last month?

  41. World War II was a direct consequence of Woodrow Wilson right parietal vascular lesion.

  42. The "Cold War" was the result of medical illness of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. How does this relate to neurology?

  43. If Joan of Ark came to you as a neurologist for her "visual and auditory aberrations" would you have prescribed a Triptan or Depakote?

  44. Every major industrial accident e.g Exxon Valdez, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island was caused by neurological illness in the operators. Discuss.

  45. The malignant brain tumor in Jack Ruby temporal lobe caused him to shoot Lee Harvey Oswald and there was no political motivation. Discuss.

  46. Marijuana is established neurotoxin. Discuss.

  47. Seabiscuit lost the Santa Anita Handicap because the jockey had a neurological problem. Describe this.

  48. What is the mechanism of "Voodoo death".

  49. If there was a CNS enhancing (poly-pill) drug that would make me more alert, smarter, enhance my memory and make me happy but cause seizures in 5% of patients. Would you take it? What might be mechanism of action?

  50. Military service in the first Gulf War is associated with subsequent development of motor neuro disease.

  51. Patients with ischemic persistent stroke who present within 3 hours of clinical ictus should not receive tPA as there is no evidence of effectiveness. Discuss.

  52. Discuss the ischemic cascade and neuroprotective therapy.

  53. Acute bacterial meningitis is a benign disease and recovery may occur without treatment.

  54. Winston Churchill was a stutterer. What does this say about his cerebral hemispheres?

  55. Discuss the premise "stroke is not a heart attack of the brain".

  56. If a pregnant patient has 2 seizures during 3rd trimester, she should be treated with phenyton. Discuss.

  57. Neurologists should be having "botox parties". Discuss.

  58. Hallovorden-Spatz is a neurological degenerative disease. What are the reasons this name needs to be changed?

  59. There is no evidence that neurosyphilis responds to penicillin therapy. We need to do a double-blind study to determine the efficacy of penicillin.

  60. In a mentally competent patient with motor neuron disease, euthanasia or physician assisted suicide are justified.

  61. Elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment should have drivers license revoked.

  62. Should the patient with the dominant hemisphere disabling stroke, but with supportive family be taken off the cardiac transplant list?

  63. Charcot had two neurological students competing for his attention. Freud and Babinski. Charcot asked them to help differentiate "organic" from "hysterical" paralysis. How did they respond? Describe the major contributions to neurology of these 3 physicians.

  64. What does a practicing neurologist do?



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