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Dr. Norman PinschmidtAfter Dr. Holland stepped down as chairman, Dr. Norman W. Pinschmidt (1915) became the acting chairman at the age of 62. He was chairman for only three months, when he had a heart attack, followed by a stroke and was forced to retire.





Robert GordonDr. Robert Allen Gordon (b. 1944) took over as acting chairman, holding the position for 15 months. He had completed a pediatric fellowship only eight months before and was 32 years of age when tapped to lead the department. His lasting contribution to the department was remembering an ophthalmologist from his Baylor days named Dr. Delmar Caldwell, whom he recommended to the search committee. Dr. Caldwell was chosen as chairman in 1978. Dr. Gordon remains on the faculty as a pediatric ophthalmologist.



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