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The History of Tulane Ophthalmology
Physicians Education Network (PEN)


Dr. Allen and the Physicians' Education Network

Dr. Allen was retired for four years, when House Bill 107 was passed by the Louisiana Legislature, allowing optometrists to use diagnostic drugs. Dr. Allen underwent a metamorphosis, coming out of a more-or-less sedentary retirement to become one of the most strident advocates of preserving medical aspects of ocular care for ophthalmology. He took this position long before any of the major ophthalmologic organizations became involved.

The Pen NewsletterHe organized the Ophthalmic Physicians' Educational Network (OPEN), which became known as the Physicians' Education Network, or PEN. A publication was launched that reported various attempts by limited licensed practitioners to expand their scope of practice. Cases of mismanagement in optometry were documented. Dr. Allen warned that optometrists would next seek legislation to use therapeutic drugs. In time, most of his early warnings became fact.

Image: Front page of the PEN - November/December 1991


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