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James DiamondJames G. Diamond, MD
Retina-Vitreous Diseases
Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System

Dr. Diamond has served as professor and director of the Tulane Vitreo-Retinal Service since 1979. Dr. Diamond received his medical degree from Georgetown University, graduating with honors in 1967. He completed his ophthalmology residency at the University of Illinois and Retina-Vitreous fellowship at the University of Iowa. He conducts a vitreo-retinal surgical fellowship, through which he has trained over 25 subspecialists now practicing throughout the world. He is considered a pioneer in the development of vitrectomy instrumentation and surgical techniques. Through research and development with major surgical instrument companies, he continues to produce innovations in this area. He is a world authority in infectious inflammatory diseases of the eye.

Dr. Diamond's research encompasses a wide spectrum of retinal diseases. His personal interests lie in the diagnosis and management of the more complex vision threatening disease states. He initiated studies several years ago on surgery for macular holes, submacular neovascular membranes, submacular clots and other macular disorders. The surgical results have been very positive and offer new hope for the visually impaired. His research interests and investigations have focused on complex retinal detachments associated with proliferative vitreo-retinopathy secondary to trauma and diabetes, as well as post-surgical retinal detachments.

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