The Department of Ophthalmology is committed to advancing ophthalmology research to discover and develop new and more effective treatments in eye care.

ResearchWe invite you to review a selection of the faculty’s recent publications revealing some of the research underway in the Department of Ophthalmology. Please follow the links in the right sidebar navigation pane.

In addition, all ophthalmology residents and fellows undertake research studies throughout the year. Findings are presented during the Department's annual C. S. O'Brien Professorship.


Cornea, Anterior Segment
Delmar R. Caldwell, MD, Chairman
Miles H. Friedlander, MD
Peter R. Kastl, MD, PhD

General (Comprehensive) Ophthalmology
Susan Azar, MD

Ramesh S. Ayyala, MD

Low Vision:
Joseph P. Rumage, MD

Oculoplastics & Reconstructive Surgery
Alejandra Valenzuela, MD

Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus
Robert A. Gordon, MD

Benjamin Guidry, MD
Arley Jaramillo
, MD

Diane Blake, PhD (adjunct faculty)
Shusheng Wang, PhD (adjunct faculty)


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