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The Department of Pathology and Laboratory medicine contributes significantly to a broad range of education programs on campus, including undergraduate medical education, pathology residency training, pathology fellowship training, biomedical science graduate training (Ph.D.) and postdoctoral research training.


Pathology Masters of Science (MS) Program

The objective of the graduate program is to provide students with opportunities to study the cellular and molecular mechanisms of human diseases through didactic teaching and research training. We have developed two Master of Science (MS) programs, which are designed not only to enhance the academic credentials for individuals wishing to pursue a career in a health-related science, but also to ease the transition to medical/graduate school.


Interdisciplinary PHD Program

Medical Student Education

The goals of the Mechanisms of Diseases Course are to develop an understanding of the causes and mechanisms of disease and the associated alterations of structure and function and to develop skills of observation, interpretation, and integration needed to analyze human disease. When provided with the clinical history, the anatomical lesions, and the laboratory data of a patient, to determine the most likely diagnosis and explain the pathogenesis of the disease.


Medical Student Electives

Electives in Pathology provide students an excellent opportunity of broadening their knowledge of medicine and determining their level of interest in the specialty. The electives are designed to give students direct knowledge of the central role pathology plays in the diagnosis of diseases, which are valuable for students going into almost any clinical specialty. Both general and sub-specialty electives in Pathology are available.


Pathology Residency Program

Pathology Fellowship Programs

Postdoctoral Research Training Program

The individual research laboratories offer post-doctoral fellowships. The trainees undertake a major research project under the guidance of the principal investigator of the laboratory.  As part of this process the fellows learn the field that they are researching in depth. They are taught how to carry out a successful research program.  This includes the teaching of methodology, and how to formulate hypotheses, design well-controlled experiments and critically evaluate results. Fellows are taught how to write manuscripts and give scientific presentations. They are required to present their results in the weekly departmental research seminars. They are expected to attend the departmental research seminars and ground rounds as well as the research meetings of their individual laboratories. The goal at the end of the training period is that fellows are prepared to conduct an independent research program and to successfully obtain research support.


Pathology Library Guide

The Pathology Library Guide is a one-stop shopping tool for pathology faculty, staff and students, allowing access to key pathology textbooks and journals via the Rudolph Matas Library website (or the library itself). All are encouraged to bookmark the link on their lab computers.


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