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Tulane University Health Sciences
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
1430 Tulane Avenue SL-79
New Orleans, Louisiana
Phone 504-988-5224
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Tong Wu, MD, PhD — Professor and Chairman
▪ Hepatobiliary carcinogenesis, liver and transplant pathology

Byron E. Crawford, MD — Professor and Vice-Chairman
▪ Surgical pathology, GU and transplant pathology

Philip J. Daroca, Jr., MD — Associate Professor
▪ Surgical pathology, pulmonary, soft tissue and bone pathology

Srikanta Dash, PhD — Professor
▪ Hepatitis C virus infection and liver cancer

Nadja Falk, MD — Assistant Professor
▪ Cytology and surgical pathology

Erik K. Flemington, PhD — Professor
▪ Cancer genetics and cancer biology research

Loren Gragert, PhD — Assistant Professor
▪ Immune-mediated diseases and transplantation

Chang Han, MD PhD — Associate Professor
▪ Cellular and molecular mechanisms of liver carcinogenesis

Shanker Japa, MPhil, PhD — Associate Professor
▪ Molecular pathology

Laura, Kidd, MD — Assistant Professor
▪ Renal pathology and surgical pathology

Sean Lee, PhD — Associate Professor
▪ Genetics in development and cancer research

Zhen Lin, MD, PhD — Assistant Professor
▪ Cancer genetics and cancer biology research

Richard Marshall, MD — Assistant Professor
▪ Dermatopathology

Kim Mayhall, MD — Assistant Professor

Krzystof Moroz, MD — Professor
▪ Surgical, cytopathology, breast and gyn pathology

Gilbert F. Morris, PhD — Associate Professor
▪ Molecular biology of lung disease

Yukihiro Nakanishi, MD — Assistant Professor
▪ Gastrointestinal pathology and surgical pathology

Tim G. Peterson, MD — Assistant Professor
▪ Transfusion medicine

Suzana Savkovic, PhD — Associate Professor
Molecular Biology and Genetics Engineering

Janet L. Schmid, MD — Associate Professor
▪ Transfusion medicine and hematopathology

John J. Schmieg, MD, PhD — Assistant Professor
▪ Hematopathology and surgical pathology

John W. Scott, MD, PhD — Assistant Professor
▪ Clinical microbiology and transfusion medicine

Andrew B. Sholl, MD — Assistant Professor
▪ Surgical pathology and cytopathology

Kyoungsub Song, PhD — Instructor

Michael Van Vrancken, MD — Assistant Professor

Alun Wang, MD, PhD — Associate Professor
▪ Dermatopathology

Zhenggang Xiong, MD, PhD — Assistant Professor
▪ Neuropathology and surgical pathology

Haitao Zhang, PhD — Associate Professor
▪ Prostate cancer prevention and therapy

Jinqiang Zhang, PhD — Instructor


Adjunct Faculty


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Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, 1430 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-5224