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Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
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New Orleans, Louisiana
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Srikanta Dash, PhD



Director of

Hepatitis Research Laboratory



1991 Ph.D. Department of Pathology
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, INDIA
1991 - 1995 Post-Doctorate
Tulane University School of Medicine
Department of Pathology, New Orleans, Louisiana,USA


Teaching Specialty:

Molecular virology of hepatitis viruses
Mechanism of immune injury: Hypersensitivity
Tumor Biology and Experimental Therapeutics


Post Doctoral Scientists

Lily Bao, M.D.
Maria Samara, M.D.
Partha Chandra, Ph.D.
Sidhartha Hazari, Ph.D.
Sibnarayan Datta, Ph.D.
Feiza Gundzu, MD
Smruti Chandra, Ph.D
Brett Poat, Graduate Student


Recent publications:

Sarala Pamuja, Sidhartha Hazari, Gevoni Bolden, Richard A Graves, Dakshina M Devanga Chinta, Srikanta Dash, Vimal Kishore and Tarun Mandal. Preparation and in vitro/in vivo evaluation of surface modified poly(lactide-co-glycolide) fluorescent nanoparticles. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 2010 (In press).

Sidhartha Hazari, Partha K Chandra, Bret Poat, Sibnarayan Data, Robert F Garry, Timothy P Foster, Gus Kousoulas, Takaji Wakita and Srikanta Dash. Impaired antiviral activity of interferon alpha against hepatitis C virus 2a in Huh-7 cells with a defective Jak-Stat pathway. Virology Journal, 2010 (In press).

Dash S , Kalkeri G, McClure HM, Garry RF, Clejan S, Thung SN and Murthy K. Transmission of HCV to a chimpanzee using virus particles produced in an RNA-transfected HepG2 cell culture. Journal of Medical Virology , 2001; 65:276-281.

Dash S, Shah K, Prabhu R, Deluca C, Bastian F, Garry RF, Haque S, Joshi B, Thung SN and Regenstein F.  Interferon alpha, beta, gamma each inhibits hepatitis C virus replication at the levels of internal ribosome entry site mediated translation.  Liver International,2005,25(3): 580-594.

Mirabel R. S. M. Pai,Ramesh Prabhu,Alfredo Panebra,Sarah Nangle,Frank Bastian,Robert Garry,Krishna Agrawal,Steve Goodbourn and Srikanta Dash.Activation of Interferon Stimulated Response Element in a Huh-7 cell line replicating hepatitis C virus sub-genomic RNA. Intervirology, 2005, Sept-Oct 48(5): 301-311.

Prabhu R, Viral P, Yin Q, Flemington E, Garry RF, Bastian F and Dash S. Small interfering RNA mediated inhibition of hepatitis C virus gene expression. Journal of Medical Virology, 2005, 76:511-519.

Dash S, Haque S, Joshi V, Prabhu R, Hazari S, Fermin C and Garry RF. Review on HCV-related hepatocellular carcinoma: new findings and hope for effective treatment. Microscopy Research and Technique, 2005,68: 130-148.

BastianFO, McDermott ME, Perry AS, Carver LA, Dash S and Garry RF. Safe method for isolation of prion protein and diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease. Journal Virological Methods,2005,130:133-139.

Sidhartha Hazari, Asha Patel, Ramesh Prabhu, Frank Bastian, Robert Garry, Virendra Joshi, Salima Haque, Fredric G. Regenstein, Richard Elliot, and Srikanta Dash.Interferon alpha inhibits internal ribosome entry site mediated translation of green fluorescence protein from six different HCV genotypes. Journal of General Virology, 2005,86:3047-3053.

Prabhu R, Garry RF and Dash S. SiRNA targeted to the stem-loop II of the 5' untranslated region inhibits expression of six major HCV genotypes. Virology Journal, 2006, 3:100.

Hazari S, Taylor L, Haque S, Garry RF, Florman S, Luftig R, Regenstein F and Dash S. Reduced expression of Jak-1 and Tyk-2 proteins leads to interferon resistance in hepatitis C virus replicon. Virology Journal, 2007; 18: 89.

Dash S, Hazari S, Garry RF and Regenstein F. Book Chapter 2: Mechanisms of   interferon action and resistance in chronic hepatitis C: lessons learned from cell culture studies. Edited by Emerilo Jirilo, MD, Springer Publishing Company, Hepatitis C virus Disease: Immunology and Clinical Applications, 2008.

Ongoing Research

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