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Zhenggang Xiong, MD, PhD

Zhenggang Xiong, M.D.


Assistant Professor


Professional Training:

Clinical Fellow in Neuropathology, 2005-2007.  University of California Los Angeles.
Resident in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, 2001-2005.  
State University of New York at Stoney Brook, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.



Anatomic and Clinical Pathology

Selected Publications:

Yoshimoto K, Dang J, Zhu S, Nathanson D, Huang T, Dumont R, Seligson DB, Yong WH, Xiong Z, Rao N, Winther H, Chakravarti A, Bigner DD, Mellinghoff IK, Horvath S, Cavenee WK, Cloughesy TF, Mischel PS.  Development of a real-time RT-PCR assay for detecting EGFRvII in glioblastoma samples.  Clinical Cancer Research.  2008; 14 (2):  488-493.

Smith ZA, Moftakhar P, Malkasian D, Xiong Z, Vinters HV, Lazareff JA.  Choroid plexus hyperplasia:  Surgical treatment and immunohistochemical results.  Journal of Neurosurgery.  2007; 107(3 Suppl):  255-262.

Weaver JD, Vinters HV, Koretz B, Xiong Z, Mischel P, Kado D.  Lymphomatosis cerebri presenting as rapidly progressive dementia.  The neurologist.  2007; 13(3):  150-153.

Benbo SA, Pasmantier RM, Davis RP, Xiong Z.  Osteogenic sarcoma of the sella after radiation treatment of pituitary adenoma.  Endocrine Practice.  2004; 10(4):  335-338.

Xiong Z, Avella J, Wetli C.  Sudden death caused by 1,1-difluoroethane inhalation.  Journal of Forensic Sciences.  2004; 49(3):  627-629.

Riggs AD, Xiong Z.  Methylation and epigenetic fidelity.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.  2004; 101 (1): 4-5.

Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, 1430 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-5224