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Histology Core Laboratory

The Histotechnology Core Lab is happy to serve the Tulane University Community as part of a collaborative effort to share resources and expand services.  Serving the Research Laboratories and external sites, the Core lab is a full service histology facility providing routine and special histology techniques, including immunohistochemistry, special staining, cryoembedding and immunofluorescence.  The Core lab has been in operation since 1995, serving the University’s research and clinical staff. The Core, which is separate from the hospital pathology services, is equipped to produce the following procedures.

  • Over 100 different antibodies for Immunohistochemistry markers.
  • We offer double staining on select antibodies.
  • We also offer Histology consult services, antibody and probe development services.
  • The Histotechnology Core lab is staffed by ASCP certified histology technicians, and research technicians, and is CLIA certified.
  • We will work with investigators to develop new techniques or refine old ones for specific research needs.


Research Schedule



Process & Embed Tissue Specimen


H&E Stain


Unstained slide-Paraffin


Unstained slide-Frozen Tissue


Special Stain


Reblock of Tissue Specimen


Cryoembedding or Snap Freeze


Control Slides (IHC)


Cutting down tissue


Wells (frozen sections)




IHC(antibody and kit provided)


IHC(antibody and kit provided by HRL)




Protenase K






Consultation Fee




*This is an average price, price will depend on cost of kit, please make an appointment before submitting work.

Effective: 3/07
If slide folder or slide box is not provided at the time of service,
then the lab will automatically incorporate the fee for the missing slide folder or slide box.


Prices are as follows:

  • Large Slide Folder       (20 slides)             $16.00
  • Medium Slide Folder   (4 slides)               $ 8.00
  • Small Slide Folder       (2 slides)               $3.50
  • Large Slide Box          (100 slides)            $16.00
  • Med Slide Box             (50 slides)             $14.00
  • Small Slide Box           (25 slides)             $10.00
  • Slide mailer                 (2-5 slides)            $2.00


Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, 1430 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-5224