Hematopathology — Image #43 — Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma

Low power (Photo not shown)

High power (Photo not shown)

At low power anaplastic large cell lymphoma may resemble Hodgkin lymphoma or carcinoma given the profusion of large cells. Cells with a horseshoe-shaped nucleus are often found in this neoplasm. The cells are reactive for T-cell antigens, most often CD-2 and CD-4, and show reactivity for CD-30. In contrast to Hodgkin lymphoma, the cells do not show reactivity for CD-15. Most cases present in childhood with extensive nodal and extranodal involvement. Most of these cases will show expression of ALK protein (a tyrosine kinase) associated with t(2;5). This is a good prognostic sign. In contrast, adults usually present with disease localized to the skin with no expression of ALK protein and a poor prognosis.

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