Dept. of Pharmacology, 8683
School of Medicine
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Graduate Curriculum:


Doctoral Program

All doctoral programs in the School of Medicine are combined into a single Basic Medical Science "umbrella" training program where all doctoral students take the same multidisciplinary courses during the first year, and then branch out into different specialties during the second year, which will depend on the students area of interest. For current information on the BioMedical Sciences (BMS) doctoral program, check out the BMS home page. A list of required & recommended courses for those choosing the pharmacology track can be found on our pharmacology doctoral website. Second year doctoral students focusing on a pharmacology emphasis can find more detailed information on their course schedule & uploaded lecture media from the links on the navigation bar above. (Access to these resources is however restricted to Tulane students & employees.)


Masters Program

Our one year master's curriculum has been designed so that different courses cover related topics in thematic blocks in a coherent and coordinated manner. For example, during each block, classes cover the basic science principles, medical pharmacology, and the scientific literature (journal club) of various topics in a coordinated sequence. Our masters curriculum is also "objective based" in design, with each lecture or small group session having its own set of specific educational learning objectives designed to focus learning. These learning objectives are provided for each content hour, prior to each block of lectures. Examples have been posted online (see navigation bar above). A list of required & elective courses in our Masters program can be found on our pharmacology masters website. More detailed weekly course schedules & access to lecture media can be obtained using the above navigation bar (this is restricted to Tulane students & employees).

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