Student Blogs

Class of 2017

A Adivi
N Ansari
S Ayala
Y Babary
R Bender
M Bolton
C Brown
C Catinis
S Cheng
J Creed
M Dholakia
J Fahrer
S Fletcher
C Glasgow
S Goddousi
L Goode
J Garrell
C Grice
J Harrell
S Khan
N Martini
T Mordhorst
V Perez
D Pham
M Ramachandran
J Schardt
A Sharma
J Sperling
B Thrash
N Truong
M To
C Wyatt
M Zucker

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Documenting How Our Students "Make A Difference"


Student blogs are used to document progress towards achievement of several objectives of the MS curriculum including:

  1. Developing cultural competence (ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures, particularly in the context of working with non-profit organizations in the New Orleans community)
  2. Documenting a track record of civic responsibility & caring for others through service to individuals & communities.
  3. To produce graduates who have developed the skill of learning by reflecting on experience.


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