Training Programs

Dr. Kenneth D. Mitchell, Director of Graduate Studies

The doctoral degree is awarded following the presentation and successful defense of the dissertation. The doctoral program usually requires a minimum of four academic years of full-time study.

The training program has a major mission to prepare graduate students for a career of teaching and research in medical physiology and related areas. We consider it vital that we contribute to the continuing supply of personnel disciplined in the unique demands of contemporary medical education and research in the life sciences. Our goals are to develop scientists who are prepared to conduct independent original research, and who can participate in the design and delivery of instruction in physiology specifically relevant to medical education. Our approach to achieving these goals involves:Brie-small

  1. Selection of students with a wide range of backgrounds/interests
  2. Provision of appropriate coursework in fundamental as well as pathophysiology
  3. Careful attention to academic and research standards
  4. Frequent interaction between the graduate and medical student populations
  5. Provision of stimulating leadership by faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and research

The primary effort of this program is directed toward training candidates for the doctorate in physiology. Programs are also offered that lead to the M.S./M.D. and M.D./Ph.D. degrees. We believe that the latter phase of our program will significantly contribute to the elevation of academic and research standards in medicine. The goals of this program are:

  1. Acquire a broad base of understanding of the principles of Physiology.
  2. Develop the capacity to solve problems in physiology by logical experimentation.
  3. Perfect habits of intellectual diligence and creativity.
  4. Develop the area of oral and written scientific communication.
  5. Gain experience in the teaching of Physiology.

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