Barbara S. Beckman, Ph.D
Professor of Pharmacology

Ph.D.: Johns Hopkins
Postdoctoral: Tulane University School of Medicine





Research Interest:
Cellular/Molecular Pharmacology; Hypoxia-induced signal transduction pathways for cell survival and angiogenesis

The research activities of my laboratory are focused on gaining a better understanding of how cells respond to and induce signal transduction pathways at the biochemical and molecular level. Signal transduction events that we have identified as being important in cell survival under hypoxia include the activation of protein kinase B/AKT, NF-kB, and HIF-1 (hypoxia inducible factor-1). We are currently studying the crosstalk between the AKT and MAPK pathways in breast cancer as well as hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines with gene array, western blotting, luciferase reporter assays and flow cytometric techniques.


Recent Publications:

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