Johnny R. Porter, PhD
Professor of Physiology, Medicine, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience

Ph.D.: 1973, LSUHSC New Orleans
Postdoctoral: VA Hospital, New Orleans (with Abba Kastin)





Our laboratory conducts studies that are directed toward the understanding of neuroendocrine mechanisms in the hypothalamus as they relate to caloric intake, body weight regulation, and the pathophysiology of obesity. To achieve these goals we study a genetic model of obesity. Techniques utilized to accomplish our goals include behavior studies, techniques for drug administration and implantation, high performance liquid chromatography and in situ hybridization utilizing radiolabelled antisense olignucleotide to detect specific mRNA activation. Our studies have focused on the brain action of the neurosteroid DHEA and its interaction with monoaminergic systems and the anorectic drugs. Recently we have begun studies on interaction of cytokines and monoaminergic systems in the hypothalamus We are specifically interested in determining the basal interaction of these two systems in lean and obese (diabetic) rats in a situation of inflammation. We predict that DHEA can reverse the pathological consequences of inflammation by an action in the central nervous system


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