Michael G. Levitzky, PhD
Professor of Physiology

Ph.D.: Albany Medical College 1975



Research Interest:
(Pulmonary Physiology; pulmonary vascular flow; ventilator-induced lung injury)

Research focuses on: With Drs. Andy Pellett and Ben de Boisblanc, we study the pulmonary circulation. Previous studies have investigated hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction, and more recently, the pulmonary artery occlusion method for the determination of pulmonary capillary pressure. We are currently investigating mechanisms involved in ventilator-induced injury, with an emphasis on the contribution of the pulmonary endothelium and alterations in pulmonary vascular pressures.

These investigations employ: anesthetized, intubated, mechanically ventilated animals. Pulmonary capillary pressure is determined using the pulmonary arterial occlusion technique (see reference below); lung injury is produced with nebulized HCl.

Our research will: help elucidate the mechanisms that lead to ventilator-induced lung injury


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  • Textbook: Levitzky M.G., Pulmonary Physiology, 6th Edition. 278 pp. McGraw-Hill, 2003


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