Norman R. Kreisman, PhD
Professor and Vice Chair
Phone: (504) 988-2590
Room #: 4063


PhD: Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1971



Research Interest:

My major research interest is to understand how the brain can protect itself from hypoxic/ischemic injury by activating endogenous protective mechanisms. There are two lines of evidence for the existence of these mechanisms: 1) conditioning the brain with one or more mild episodes of hypoxia/ischemia protects the brain from subsequent hypoxic/ischemic insults. Protection lasts for hours to days. This is known as ischemic preconditioning or ischemic tolerance. The explanation for this acquired tolerance to hypoxia/ischemia is that conditioning stimuli activate endogenous protective mechanisms that remain in effect for an extended period. 2) Various regions of the brain display selective vulnerability/resistance to hypoxic/ischemic injury. A spectrum of vulnerabilities even exists within structures known to be very susceptible to injury, such as the hippocampus. Using hippocampal slices, we are testing the hypothesis that selective resistance to ischemic insults is related to the propensity of a particular region to undergo ischemic preconditioning. Optical and electrophysiological techniques are used to monitor cell swelling and depolarization, which are early signs of ischemic injury. Currently, we are investigating the role of the paracrine cytokine, erythropoietin as a mediator of preconditioning by exploring its downstream signaling pathways. Our hope is that these investigations will point toward future therapeutic regimens to ameliorate the devastating effects of strokes.

hr Jessica SchusterLaboratory members:
  • Michael Cox – Undergraduate Student
  • Alyssa Russell – Undergraduate Student
  • Jessica Schuster – Laboratory Technician



  Michael Cox                Alyssa Russell

Representative Publications:

  1. Kreisman NR, Olson JE. Taurine enhances volume regulation in hippocampal slices swollen osmotically. Neuroscience. 2003;120(3):635-42.
  2. Kreisman NR, Soliman S, Gozal D. Regional differences in hypoxic depolarization and swelling in hippocampal slices. J Neurophysiol. 2000 Feb;83(2):1031-8.

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