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Internship in Clinical Psychology

Adult Track

Faculty and Theoretical Orientations

The internship offers a variety of training experiences with faculty who possess diverse theoretical approaches. The faculty has an interest in and respect for various approaches. Primary theoretical approaches to assessment, case formulation and intervention include behavioral approaches, cognitive-behavioral approaches, mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches, psychodynamic approaches, and family system theories and interventions. We are committed to training interns in those practices that are evidenced-based.

Adult Track Faculty

Aaron Armelie, Ph.D
Julia Cretu, Psy.D.
Leah Crouch, Psy.D.
Amanda Gallagher, Ph.D.
Gina Manguno-Mire, Ph.D.
Maryellen Romero, Ph.D.
Fred Sautter, Ph.D.
Lisa Solursh, Psy.D.