The Tulane Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, founded in 1949, is dedicated to teaching, clinical service, and research. Educational experiences designed to teach the next generation of clinicians are provided through integrated medical student training and multiple residencies that include general psychiatry, combined psychiatry and internal medicine, forensic, child and adolescent, and triple board programs. We also provide postdoctoral fellowships, psychology internships, and annual continuing medical education programs. Led by John Thompson, MD, Chair of the department, our more than 50 full-time, multidisciplinary faculty have a wide range of expertise and are continually pioneering innovative clinical programs. Research from our faculty has been transforming our understanding and treatment of emotional and behavioral problems across the lifespan.



Forensic Symposium

April 7 & 8, 2017



Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Section of Adult Psychiatry


"Opioid Use Disorder "

Friday,March 24th, 2017
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
New Orleans BioInnovation Center - 1441 Canal St.
1st Floor Conference Room

g grisbaum

Garic Grisbaum, M.D.
Psychiatry Resident

Tulane University School of Medicine

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Vininder "Vinnie" Khunkhun has been selected as one of Gambit's 40 Under 40 for his work as Medical Director of  the New Orleans Therapeutic Day Program.  This program helps youth flagged as 'troubled" by providing assistance with schooling, time at home and medical care.  "The idea is that even one attachment figure can make a really big difference in kids' lives" Khunkhun says.  You can read more about Dr. Khunkhun and the other 40 Under 40 at the Gambit's website here.

Dr. Ashley Weiss and the Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic featured in the "The Wellness Wave"

Dr. Ashley Weiss and Dr. Lauren Kaczka-Weiss to speak at the Louisiana Osteopathic Medical Association annual meeting

Dr. Ashley Weiss and Dr. Lauren Kaczka-Weiss were invited to speak about psychiatric issues and the interface with primary care at the Louisiana Osteopathic Medical Association annual meeting this Friday August 12th in New Orleans. Dr. Weiss will be presenting 'Early Psychosis: Symptoms and Intervention', and Dr Kaczka-Weiss will be presenting 'Postpartum Depression: Importance of Screening in Primary Care Settings'. Maintaining ties to the osteopathic community is an important priority for both Dr. Weiss's, as well as improving collaborative opportunities with the primary care community. They are scheduled to present at 8am and 9 am respectively at the Royal Sonesta downtown New Orleans.

Don't want to raise a psychopath? Be sensitive to child

Responsive, empathetic caregiving — especially when children are in distress — helps prevent boys from becoming callous, unemotional adolescents, according to a new study of children raised in foster care.

Press Release: Sinfonia Family Services of Louisiana Partners With Tulane University to Launch Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic in New Orleans.  .. read more

 Affordable and Evidence-Based Care from Tulane University Faculty

Tulane University Behavioral Health Clinic – Metairie (TUBHC-Metairie), the new psychiatric specialty clinic of the Tulane University School of Medicine, opened August 10, 2015.  The clinicians and staff of TUBHC-Metairie provide behavioral health services through state-of-the art clinical programs in adult psychiatry.   Problems we treat include anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, loss & grief, ADHD, and more. ..read more

Owl Cub Awards

Chris Davis, MD  2015 Outstanding Psychiatry Resident Award

Drs. Brand McConville and Ashley Weiss Outstanding Attendings in Psychiatry

Tulane Psychiatry residents shine at the 2014 American Psychiatry Association Annual Meeting

Congratulations, Veronique!! What a great way to work your "outside" interest into your rotation to make patients feel better and also turn it into an academic project.

Yoga beneficial in inpatient setting | Psychiatry

Psychiatry | NEW YORK —In a study of 80 inpatient psychiatric patients, regular yoga classes were self-rated as beneficial to overall treatment in 82.2% of participants, the researchers highlighted at the poster session during the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting. In a population of 80 participants from the East Jefferson Inpatient Psychiatric Unit in Metairie, Louisiana.  Read more...


Congratulations Holly on your poster and for being on APA TV.

NEW YORK-A search of "#suicide" on the social media site Instagram revealed images that romanticized suicide and self-harm or showed graphic depictions of suicide acts. Researchers presented this exploratory study at the 167th Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.

"Our findings are alarming," wrote study authors Arshya B. Vahabzadeh, MD, of Harvard Medical School in Boston and Holly, Peek MD, MPH, of Tulane University in New Orleans. "It appears the Instagram policy of identifying and removing content with suicidal/self-harm images is ineffective."  Read more...

View the APA TV interview