Giving to the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is fortunate to have a number of endowed accounts that support our faculty and/or educational mission in one way or another. 

These include:

  • Robert Heath Endowed Chair
  • Robert Heath Endowed Lectureship
  • Sellars Polchow Endowed Chair
  • Chester Scrignar Professorship in Forensic Psychiatry
  • Remi Gonzalez Professorship in Child Psychiatry
  • The Crandell Endowed Research Account
  • The Haring Endowed Educational Account

Furthermore, we now have two Institutes within the Department.  These are the Institute for Infant and Early Child Development and the Institute for Forensic Neuropsychiatry.  Each of these institutes have both educational and research missions.  While the Infant Institute has an Endowed Account, we are now in need of funds to endow our Forensic Institute.


These endowed accounts provide us with supplemental funds necessary to recruit and retain high caliber faculty and subsequently allows each of them the flexibility to pursue their academic interests knowing that there is an ongoing funding stream to support their work over time. 

Additional funds are always appreciated and would augment existing programs or create new opportunities.  Our most pressing needs are to raise enough additional monies to convert each of our Professorships into fully endowed Chairs.  Thus we are wanting to raise funds for the Scrignar and Gonzalez  Professorships with the hope of one day having endowed chairs in each of these categories.  For each $100,000 raised, Tulane is able to apply to the Louisiana Board of Regents for a $40,000 match.  This is an excellent program that has greatly assisted us in the past.

Another way to support the Department is through the Planned Giving Program.  You can make Tulane part of your will, donate funds from your IRA, or set up a trust fund with Tulane as the ultimate beneficiary.

No gift is too small (or too large!).  Grateful patients may want to support their favorite physician or provider.  Former residents and/or students may want to provide support in recognition or memory of a beloved teacher/professor.  All such gifts are welcome.  For further information please contact Candy Legeai or the Tulane Office of Development.  Candy can be reached at (504)988-5247 or

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