Core Facilities

The Department maintains the following facilities:


Common Equipment Core Facility

Bio-Rad iQ5 Multicolor Real-Time PCR Detection System
Bio-Rad Gel Doc
Bio-Rad Versa Doc
Bio-Rad Mini incubator
Beckman Coulter DU800 Spectrophotometer
Beckman Coulter Avanti J-E Centrifuge
Beckman GS-6KR Centrifuge
Beckman Coulter LS6000IC Scintillation Counter
MGM Instruments Luminometer
Lab-Line Orbit Environ-Shaker
PureLab Option water System
Scotsman Ice Maker

Microscopy Imaging Core Facility

LM & Flouresence Microscopy from 1x to 100x Oil Immersion
Greyscale and Full Color Digital Imaging on above microscopes
Paraffin Block and EM Sectioning