Jose MascorroJosé A. Mascorro, B.S.
Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests:

Embedding techniques for biological tissues; the study of viscosity in the various embedding media components; designing novel embedding media formulations based on viscous character

Teaching Interests:

Medical Histology and Neural Sciences for medical students;  Medical Histology for graduate students.

Selected Publications:

Mascorro, JA.  Novel choices for formulating embedding media kits.  Scanning Microscopy, 2009.  M. Postek et al., Editors.  Proceedings of SPIE, Vol 7378: 1-10, 2008.

Mascorro, JA  and Bozzola, JJ.  Processing tissues for ultrastructural study.  Methods in Molecular  Biology, Vol 369.  Electron Microscopy: Methods and Protocols, 2nd edition, J. Kuo, editor, Chapter 2: 19-34, 2007.

Mascorro, JA.  The versatility of epoxy resins: Designing embedding media with specific viscosity properties.  Microscopy Today, January/February, 36:  2003.

Mascorro, JA.  Benzyldimethylamine (BDMA): Catalysts of choice with epoxy embedding media.  Microscopy Today, July/August, 47:  2003.

Mascorro, JA, Frasch, T and Yates, RD.  Placing TEM negatives in the digital domain.  Microscopy Today, May/June, 2-3: 2002.