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Honors General Surgery Clerkship

The students will be exposed to the responsibilities of an academic General Surgeon, as they pertain to teaching, research, and service.  The students will in part be responsible for the instruction of the principles of Surgery given to third year medical students at the beginning of the General Surgery Clerkship.  Each student will, under the direct supervision of one of the faculty in the Department of Surgery, conduct a clinical or benchwork research project -- the results of which will be presented to the Chairman of the rotation.  Finally, the students will be instructed in basic surgical skills and techniques, both open and laparoscopic, under the direct supervision of the General Surgery faculty. These skills will be refined in anesthetized pigs.

Objectives: Sharpen the skills of senior medical students committed to a career in General Surgery.

Faculty: Bernard Jaffe, MD

Quota: Minimum of 4 students, maximum of 16 students.

Time Offered: FIRST BLOCK ONLY, August.

Duration: 1 month


  1. A grade of "Pass" or higher during the third year clerkship.
  2. Committed to pursuing a career in General Surgery.
  3. Direct approval must be obtained from Dr. Bernard Jaffe.

Student Evaluation:

  1. Surgical skills will be evaluated in the animal laboratory.
  2. Manuscript will be graded by the Chairman of the Department of Surgery.

Course Evaluation: Direct feedback at a meeting between students and faculty participants conducted at the end of the course.