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Welcome To Your General Surgery Clerkship!

During the clerkship, you will have opportunities to see things you will not see elsewhere, and participate in patient care in a very in-depth and all-around manner. You will develop new skills and be able to apply them, both now and down the road. The most important goal of this clerkship is your learning. Nothing else takes precedence; and you need to make this YOUR responsibility. Though there are many responsibilities that you will be given, please do not lose sight that at times, you will be required to leave rounds to attend a lecture, or in your down time, you may want to see another case in the OR instead of hanging around the ward; you are obligated to do whatever will maximize your benefit from this clerkship.

This clerkship is like any other human endeavor: what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. While it will be time consuming and demanding, we do not intend to make you trained surgeons in eight weeks. We do, however, hope to give you an appreciation of surgical disease, some insight into what surgeons do, and an understanding of "when to call the surgeon" (and also what to do before he/she gets there)!

We want you to learn, grow, and enjoy this experience with general surgery, one of the essential primary care disciplines. Even if you know you do not want to be a Surgeon, go into your surgical rotation with an open mind. Should any problems arise during your surgery clerkship, please speak with the resident on your assigned rotation. Problems that cannot be resolved, you may always call the Student Education office at 504-988-3909.

Contact Information:

Maria Arabie
Student Education Coordinator