Administration & Financial Management


The Vice President for Health Sciences Systems, Assistant Dean for Program Review and Strategic Analysis, and staff are committed to helping faculty, staff, and students to carry out the mission of the School of Medicine: Education, Research, Patient Care: We Heal Communities.  We strive for excellence in the pursuit of knowledge, superior teaching and research, and distinguished professional accomplishments.

Working directly with and for the Senior Vice President and Dean of the Tulane School of Medicine, the Vice President serves as the chief financial officer for the Tulane School of Medicine and provides for the Senior Vice President the overall administrative, financial, and strategic direction for the budgetary and fiscal affairs of the School, including planning, administering, monitoring and controlling the overall financial plans, policies, and programs. As the chief financial officer, she directs school-wide fiscal progressive planning and responds to the demands, costs, services, technology, regulations, and fiscal interests throughout the School while protecting the School's assets and ensuring its fiscal viability in support of its missions in education, research, and patient care.



Phone:  (504) 988-5462
Fax:  (504) 988-2530




Mary W Brown, MBA
Vice President, Health Sciences Systems
Vice Dean, Administration

Sue Pollack, MS, MPH
Director, Management Information
Assistant Dean, Program Review &
 Strategic Analysis
(504) 988-6541

Margaret Bell, C.P.A., M.Acct
Assistant Dean for Finance



Lindsey Lowenberg, M.A.
Budget Coordinator
(504) 988-7372

Kathryn Pierce
Executive Assistant to the Vice President
(504) 988-5463

1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-5462