Wave to Wellness

Wave to Wellness

A longstanding tradition of Tulane University has been an emphasis on community service.  Wave to Wellness, a service learning project initiated by Tulane medical students, turns the focus inward to explore how students can positively affect the Tulane community.  

Medical students will offer free health screenings for hypertension and diabetes to faculty and staff by visiting individual offices and departments.  Additionally, the students will provide an opportunity and initiative for exercise by leading walks at the downtown campus for the Tulane Wellness 10K a Day Program.

By offering these services and resources to the community, Wave to Wellness seeks to empower the individual to be an advocate for his/her own health by promoting an understanding of the patient's essential part in the dialogue with the physician.  Medical students are offered an opportunity to employ evidence-based medicine and the chance to refine communication skills. 

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) outlines recommendations for preventative clinical services for men, women and high risk adults, resources which allow the patient to better understand the specific risk factors they face based on age and gender:

Recommendations for Preventative Clinical Services for Men, Women and High Risk Adults (AAFP)

Screenings for glucose and blood pressure will be mobile and move throughout the downtown campus.  For questions, please contact Erin Wash at

Tulane University Medical Group, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-6821