Preparing for an RRC Site Visit

A Time Line

3-4 Months Before Visit

  • A notification letter arrives with the actual date of the site visit and due date for Program Information Form (PIF)
  • Begin preparing PIF.


4-6 Weeks Before Visit

  • Site visitor calls to arrange the schedule of the visit. This includes arranging meetings with the program director, faculty, residents, DIO.
  • PIF is sent to Office of Graduate Medical Education for review by Dr. Jeffrey G. Wiese.


1 Month -2 Weeks Before Visit

  • Mail PIF in accordance with date given in notification letter.
  • Dr. Wiese conducts a pre-site visit meeting (embedded link to document).


Day of the RRC Site Visit

  • Site visitor meets with program director, program coordinator, key faculty and staff, and residents/fellows.
  • Site Visitor’s Report is drafted the day of the visit.


2-8 Months After the Site Visit

  • A notification letter is sent informing the program director of the new accreditation status and length of cycle. 


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