General Medical Faculty By Laws: Article III - Basic & Clinical Science Divisions

  1. Basic Science and Clinical Science Divisions:
  1. The General Medical Faculty shall include two groups:
  1. Basic Science Faculty
  1. Clinical Science Faculty
  1. Membership of these groups shall be as follows:
  1. A person shall be considered to be a member of the faculty group representing his area of professional training.
  1. Any individual with dual areas of professional training may petition the General Medical Faculty Advisory Committee to change his membership to the other faculty group.
  1. Meetings of either of these faculty groups may be called by the Chairman of the General Medical Faculty, or at the request of a majority of the General Medical Faculty Advisory Committee, or at the request of at least five faculty members of the respective faculty group, to discuss and make recommendations to the General Medical Faculty regarding matters of unique concern to that group. These meetings shall be presided over by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the General Medical Faculty.
  1. A quorum for these meetings shall consist of 25% of the voting members of the respective faculty group.

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