General Medical Faculty By Laws: Basic & Clinical Science Council

  1. Standing Committees and Councils of the School of Medicine (cont.):
  1. Councils
  1. There shall be two major councils:
  1. the Basic Science Council
  2. the Clinical Science Council
  1. These councils shall be advisory to the Dean and Executive Faculty on manners pertaining to their constituent departments, and they shall elect their own Chairman.
  1. The Councils shall be composed of the Basic and Clinical Science Chairmen, respectively, and with the consent of the Dean, any other persons they may wish to invite. The Dean shall be an ex-officio member of the Councils.
  1. The Graduate Advisory Committee shall be advisory to the Basic Science Council of the Medical School on all major policy decisions affecting the graduate programs in the basic medical sciences of the Medical School. The Committee will make recommendations to the Basic Science Council on admission requirements, recruitment, financial aid, curriculum and program development.
  1. The Graduate Advisory Committee shall be composed of one (1) members elected or appointed from each department or program in the Medical School through which Master and Doctor of Philosophy degrees can be earned.

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