General Medical Faculty By Laws: Executive Faculty

  1. Standing Committees and Councils of the School of Medicine (cont.):
  1. Standing Committees of the Executive Faculty
  1. These standing committees shall report to the Dean and the Executive Faculty.
  1. Admissions Committee
  2. Curriculum Committee
  3. Financial Aid Committee
  4. Personnel and Honors Committee
  5. Radioisotopes Committee
  6. Student Affairs Committee
  1. Standing committees may be added to this list or deleted from it by the Dean with the consent of the Executive Faculty.
  1. Membership of all the Standing Committees of the Executive Faculty shall be determined according to the following procedures, except for the Personnel and Honors Committee.
  1. The structure of each committee shall be determined initially by the Dean, in consultation with the Executive Faculty, with regard to providing appropriate representation of Basic and Clinical Science interests.
  1. Any committee position subject to appointment that has been held by a member for three (3) years or more at the time of implementation shall be declared vacant. Any member retired from a standing committee under this provision shall, however, remain eligible for re-appointment to the committee.
  1. All new members shall be appointed by the Dean for three- (3) year terms, staggered to ensure continuity.
  1. Each year, on July 15, the Dean shall present to the Executive Faculty and to the Nominating Committee of the General Medical Faculty a list of positions to become vacant in the Standing Committees of the Executive Faculty. Potential nominees can be proposed by Departmental Chairmen, the Chairmen of the Standing Committees, or by other members of the General Medical Faculty. All nominees identified shall be transmitted to the Dean for his consideration.

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